Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Perspective depth of a parking garage

Whenever I pass this parking garage, I always sense a tremendous feeling of "perspective". Perspective depth is difficult to catch with consumer-level cameras - nevertheless I gave it a try, and the result is a success!


Mohican yells said...

How did you do that? I know only two ways to do that:-
1. Take two or multiple shots at various focus planes, and superimpose all the photographs into one. (of course one has to use tripod to get perfect pic)
2. Reduce the aperture size. This will take light rays as parallel (as in pinhole cameras, where we need not to adjust focus). If the rays are parallel,then the focus is almost at infinitive, so almost every object in various planes are into focus.
Of course one need to change the other setting, if he reduces the aperture size, like increasing exposure time or increase ISO sensitivity.
I want to know what method did you use to get this perspective depth photograph??

Anil said...

Without going into these technicalities, I just moved around the place a bit, and found the place with maximum perception of perspective. So you can say I used "hit and trial" :)

savita zunjarkar said...

I like both the pictures you took out special time for that...its really only like to take pictures of scenary/nature? but really good...