Saturday, April 11, 2009

Coffee cup with MacBook


shruti said...

this looks like a pic shot by a professional, like we see in advt mags etc. how many pixels is urcamera ,and on what mode do u shoot on?

Mohican yells said...

The colors of this photographs are really very good. But I didn't like the shading on edges of this photograph. I mean, I like shadings, but these one are too sharp. Actually if they have blended more smoothly, then I guess it would have been better. Moreover, it is not necessary to have equal shading at all the four corners. Also the color of the shades could have been reconsidered. The tone of the picture is sepia, and the shades are black. Black is not contraindication, but then it has to blend with sepia with very smoothly so that margins can't be appreciated.

Anil said...

Thanks Shruti. I clicked it with my older camera, which was 6.0 MP. I shot it in automatic mode, but I had to experiment with different light effects. This one was under white light + yellow light (tube + bulb).

Neetesh you're right, the edges of shade are too sharp. The reason is, I took this picture from too close to the objects. So if I keep the shade fading in for a long distance, that would hide the macbook partially. Morale of the story: Zoom is good, but use in moderation. Otherwise editing later will affect the edges of the picture too much!

Mohican yells said...

Why not taking raw picture from camera and then get the shading done on photo editing software?? :D

P.S. It will be good if comment permission is allowed for any user including anonymous. :)

Anonymous said...

I was trying to see how much effect can I achieve with real light. Most of the pictures I post here are very minimally touched using iPhoto. iPhoto is marketed as a "photo editing tool" but in my opinion it's just a "photo touching tool" just like IrfanView.

Also, "Anonymous" comments are now active.