Monday, April 13, 2009


These suck my blood.


Neetesh said...

I like this photo. If the spiral binding book could have been removed from the picture, then this would have looked like professional photo, used for magazines. :)

Anil said...

I clicked this picture almost one and a half years back. I was preparing for USMLE step1, and also working on a very tough course in Medical Informatics in the school. It was a torture to go through, but it was also a great feeling of accomplishment once I emerged victorious in both the endeavors.

While taking this picture, I did not even think of modifying the position of books on my desk. You can say it was more of an "impromptu" or "natural" shot. However, now that you've said it, I believe it could have been better if I spent some time to reposition the books.

Maybe you can try a retake? :)